Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer

Yep. This really happened.

Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer is available for pre-sale in the UK!!!

It’s been a hot minute since I have been on the blog. The good news is that I moved on with my life. The bad news is that P!NK Tributegate will never completely go away. It is forever a part of me and every once in a while I will have to dust it off to psychologically


“Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer” went on pre-sale today in the UK!!! It is available at Waterstone Books and if you would consider buying it I will name my first newborn or next cat after you. Thank you to those who stood by me during such a fucked up time!!! Thank you to Jeff Schmidt from NY Creative, Teddie Dahlin from New Haven Publishing and Bruce Caines for a BOMB cover photo!!! See y’all on the flipside.

Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer (Paperback)


Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer (Paperback)

In April of 2014, former edibleRed vocalist Collette McLafferty had the shock of her life when a gig in a P!NK cover band dragged her into a $10,000,000 lawsuit. The Plaintiff, a personal injury attorney who once played drums for Michael Bolton, had a dispute with her band leader claiming he stole the lawyer’s idea to start Long Island’s first P!NK cover band. Although she had never met the attorney and was only a “hired gun” in the group, McLafferty found herself named in the 112-page complaint. Stunned to learn she could be in a years-long court battle for singing “Raise Your Glass” at a Long Island Bar, Collette made the difficult decision to take her case to the press. She made a late night phone call to The New York Post in hopes of leaving a message. To her surprise, a copy boy was eating lunch at the Tip Desk during the graveyard shift. Sympathetic to her situation, he knew he had a big story on his hands and promised to pitch it the next morning. Although the dispute was mostly between the two men, Collette woke up to the headline “Singer Sued for Being Too Old and Too Ugly for P!NK Cover band” in the paper. The sensationalized headline told a story of a singer who was so “old, ugly and untalented” that her one-night performance prompted the lawyer to sue. This “fake news” version of events went viral worldwide, garnering coverage in Time, Yahoo News and Breitbart. The former MTV “Buzzworthy” artist was dismayed to see her online reputation unceremoniously destroyed as highlights from her 20-year professional history were suddenly buried under pages of career-ending click bait. The headlines alleged she”ruined” the P!NK cover band with her inferior looks and singing, triggering a deep depression. Determined to find justice, McLafferty fought the case and eventually introduced “Collette’s Law” with the help of The Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York and Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda. “Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer” documents the emotional two-year journey of navigating the legal system, while embarking on a quest to clear her name.

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781912587001
Number of pages: 300


Before I turn off “Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer”.

I’m going to turn off “Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer” in a couple more days. It just feels like the right thing to do… for now. I’m about to get my hair cut. I don’t want any of the same hair on my head that was present during the lawsuit. I want a fresh start. I wish I could say that this is 100% behind me forever, but the truth is it is my identity now  and there is no escaping it. Almost every time I go out, it comes up. It even affected my dating life. Last year, I was heavily pursued by someone. Things were going pretty well and we started dating. One day, on a date,  he told me that one of his work colleagues announced in front of his co-workers that he was dating the “girl who was sued for being too ugly”. Shortly after, this man who had pursued me denied that he had ever really liked me like that in the first place and that we were never dating.


I’d love to shrug it off and say his loss (which it is) and pretend like it’s not a big deal.

It’s a big deal. I still want the truth out.

Crazy to think the massive domino effect that a complete stranger could have on my life.

Every part of my life.

Thanks, Chuck,

Taking down Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer in a week… so read up while you can.

Hey guys, I’m going to leave up this blog for another week and then take it down for a bit. When I started this blog I was pretty fucking traumatized.

I was also quite drunk.

Everything that went down in 2014 was so weird, so stressful, so bizarre that there was no way I was going through it sober. I didn’t really drink excessively, but I’d have one or two drinks every day to help process everything that was going on. I would go into the day time bars and tell the bartender everything that had happened.

Yes, I was that girl drinking in the daytime, telling the bartender her problems. Fortunately, the story was as fascinating and even at times funny while being completely violating at the same time.  Anyone can listen to this story once. I had to tell it 1000 times just to process that “yep, this really happened.”. Don’t worry, I rotated my bars, so no bartender would have to live through hearing it multiple times (feedback has it that it’s less riveting after you’ve heard it 20 times).

I was pretty pissed off, which I think we can all agree was understandable. 

This blog was the work of a pretty stressed out, pissed off and mildly drunk girl working out her own trauma for the world to see. Since the trauma was induced in front of the whole world, I believe it’s appropriate to talk about.

Things are different now. I wake up at 5AM and I am living pretty zen/clean living these days. I have substantially less anger because life needs to go on.  I also am not the only one that needs to heal from this. I got some shit from a small handful of people who gave me shit for my act of forgiveness. To be honest, it wasn’t an overnight thing. I had a pretty heavy duty “decompressing” period of several months.

I no longer relate to the person who needs to write this blog to survive. I may edit the blog, I may delete it. I might put it back up. I’ll be working on the book, so I’ll probable pull some stuff form the blog into the book. . Read up while you can.

New Vlog: Behind the scenes with The New York Post.

I recently started working on my once neglected Youtube channel. I decided to go more in depth to talk about my experiences with the media and the “fake news” element of P!NK Tributegate.

Fake news is a hot button topic and it is everywhere. While I love blogging and writing, sometimes it’s hard to get the full picture of the story without the inflection of the human voice. Now that the lawsuit is over and “Collette’s Law” is making some traction, I still feel a strong urge to keep exposing the media aspect of this story. So much of what we consume in media is blatantly false, yet has such an influence on our society.

I’m revisiting my album “42”. When I started on it almost two years ago it was just a collection of songs. The album is going to have more of an emphasis on my overall journey with the legal system and media. I’ll be posting some songs and snippets over there. Come join me!

Update on life after P!NK Tributegate…

Yes, there is life after P!NK Tributegate. Some updates for you!

  1. As you’ll see I don’t post a whole lot on COBUS anymore. I think that is because I have finally gotten over the hump of talking about it. This is a good thing. I may check in from time to time if there is any update on “Collette’s Law”…
  2. Looks like I have some music coming out soon. A track I worked on almost 10 years ago just started to surface.
  3. I started writing on Quora. It all happened very randomly. I have almost 4,000,000 views on my writing, which is blowing my mind.     The great thing about Quora, is that I can spread the word that some media outlets are reporting things about me that are not true. I think it’s important for people to know which outlets and reporters are doing this.
  4. I am overwhelmed with how to move forward with the book. I still don’t feel like the story has ended.
  5. Getting back to the album.
  6. I really think the P!NK camp should acknowledge this at this point, just saying. unknown

Collette’s Law has finally been introduced on the Assembly Floor!

I’ll be honest, I kind of thought it wasn’t going to get this far. There has been so much stone walling  in so many directions over the last couple years, I  was about to give up.

It has finally been introduced and is getting an index  number. Details coming soon!

Tip of the hat: Ben Swann and Pizzagate

I don’t want to dive into Pizzagate too deeply on this blog. COBUS has a running theme of comparing facts vs mainstream media coverage, so I felt we should talk about it.   For the first time in the history of COBUS I am going to issue a trigger warning, as the content is sensitive and disturbing.

Pizzagate is a reference to a cluster of Wikileaks emails that appeared to be speaking in code.  Citizen journalists around the globe have tied it to an alleged underage sex trafficking ring linked to certain D.C. political elites. Furthermore, the emails reveal consistencies to a Washington Pizza parlor. Their company logo bore a questionable resemblance to the official symbol for “boy lover”. There are also an alarming number of strange coincidences on the owner’s Instagram, as well as art work from one of the linked politicians that celebrate the culture. What is absolutely horrifying to us, is considered a “lifestyle” among those who participate.   Again, I won’t get too deeply into it on my own blog. I do however recommend anyone who is interested in seeing how the mainstream media works to take some time to compare the citizen journalism vs. mainstream. Don’t take any one report as the end-all-be-all, but compare.

I highly recommend Really Graceful who has been vigilant in calling out the mainstream media for covering this story up. The point here isn’t to assess blame, but to investigate an alarming number of coincidences. If Pizzagate is fake news, then an investigation should not be a problem right?  It has long been said that this runs rampant in both our political and entertainment worlds. Doesn’t that at least warrant a deeper look by the authorities?

CBS Reporter Ben Swann is the first to give this story the investigative spin that this story deserves:


In contrast here is Fox News Megyn Kelly asking no questions and dismissing pizzagate as fake news.


And sadly, Saturday Night Live poking fun at Pizzagate. I loved SNL for many years, to poke fun at a serious situation that has not been properly investigated and debunked is well, creepy. This kind of broke my heart and made me think differently of the show.


I am not saying it is real, or not real. I will say from past experience when the media makes light of something, it is often to distract the masses from reality. They did it with Occupy Wallstreet, and the most definitely did it with the $10,000,000 lawsuit that was filed against me by a legal professional.  The reporting by the mainstream media was not just sensational, but was in some cases full on disinformation.  By presenting a wacky, hilarious “She got sued for being too ugly…Nice one America!” type of narrative, it deflects from questions we the people should be asking about P!NK Tributegate. The main question being “Why was this allowed, and why did nobody stop or investigate  it?”

The mainstream media coverage of Pizzagate, in my opinion are employing the same “nothing to see here” tactics. If you have not gone down this rabbit hole, I would highly recommend Really Graceful as a starting point. Take everything she says with a grain of salt, but question the facts presented and the number of “coincidences”.

It is the vigilance of people like Really Graceful that helped the story break on CBS. If this story is real, it means the well being of hundreds of thousands of children are at stake. Don’t that warrant investigative journalism beyond the current dismissive tone of the mainstream media?

Update on “Collette’s Law” or rather Collette’s Laaaaaawwwwwng journey to getting anything done in the political system because everything seems to be rigged.

Collette’s Law is going through some changes. It would be premature to make any official announcements, but it is still in the pipeline.

Shortly before what was supposed to be an official introduction, it was blocked by Patrick Jenkins. Jenkins is the former room mate and close friend of current speaker of the house

Carl Heastie. The organization/lobby that Patrick represents has ties to the man who sued me.


He mentioned that there were concerns about the impact my law could have on low income communities. Fair enough. That is the last thing I would want. However when asked for specific examples, they did not give any.They had no alternatives to  offer. I was told that they requested to see the bill, after blocking it.

It was very frustrating because instead of seeing my bill introduced, they merely introduced me to the Assembly Floor, but said nothing about my experiences in the legal system. I would invite Patrick to read my case line by line, in front of me in the same room and tell me he stands behind his decision to block “Collette’s Law”. Patrick Jenkins, congrats, you are the proud recipient of the First Annual Beyonce Side Eye Sandwich Award. Meat of the sandwich courtesy of



What I realize is I am not going up against a broken system, I am going up against a rigged system. One lawyer said to me, “The system screws over innocent people everyday and no one cares”. Boom. So we will see what happens. I have been up against constant stonewalling over the last two years. It’s exhausting. But at least when I check out and go to meet my maker, I can say I tried to make a difference.

With all the truly catastrophic things going on in our political system, it’s hard to say if the legal system is even on anyone’s radar who hasn’t been through the nightmare.

Time will tell, but Patrick I openly challenge you to get up in front of The Assembly, read excerpts from the 112 page complaint against me in front of everybody and then look me in the eye and tell me the legal system works.

A word about fake news…


Yesterday I was speaking with the staff of my local Assemblywoman. Beyond the legal reform aspect of P!NK Tributegate. I was speaking to her about and their fake headline…yes the one that inspired this blog. She had read the actual case and knew of the huge difference between what really happened and what was reported.

Well, when I told her that was one of the media outlets who reported in the fake “Singer Sued for Being Too Ugly…” story, she was shocked. She told me she had always considered to be a reputable source. She couldn’t believe they went with the fake tabloid story. It’s crazy how widespread Fake News has become.

At that moment, I realized that I was doing the right thing by standing my ground and continuing to talk about this. People need to know who participates in fake news and who doesn’t. not only participated, but refused to write the real story when given the opportunity to do so.  Fake news really, truly is everywhere. Pass it on.

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