So, I only did a 5 day Master cleanse instead of a 10 day. I’m very happy with the results! Mostly my eyes and skin look more “clear”. A good amount of brain fog has lifted. I’m taking it very easy right now, as my brain and nervous system took a beating this year, as a result of this senseless lawsuit. While I am looking into therapy and rehabilitation, I think I will be going the more natural route. Medication was an option at one point, but my feeling is that it should be a last resort. Blogging has been incredibly helpful in the road to recovery. I think it’s working.


A while back, I wrote an open letter to Shirley Manson. It is going to be one of many open letters I will be writing. I kind of forgot about it, until Ms. Dangerous Lee… the woman I replaced on the Dr. Blogstein show… she told me she wanted to publish it on Ms. Nix in the Mix! LEGIT!!!

I really love this piece and it is representative of the message I want to get out to the media: stop shaming older musicians! It’s gotta stop! While the P!NK camp is pretending like none of this is happening, Shirley Manson had the balls to speak out an give her opinion. I won’t repeat what she said, only because it could get me in trouble… lol. There was some colorful words on Shirley’s end. The Scottish are not shy when it comes to telling it like it is.

Thank you to Ms. Nix in the Mix for pointing out what few have the balls too: there is a very real war on women in our music industry and media. When I see women behind the scenes my own age participating in age shaming culture, it makes me sad. I hear degrading comments on the subject almost daily in my line of work. It needs to stop. Women 30 and up have a tremendous amount of spending power. They are loyal to their artists. There is a whole sea of consumer$$$, ignored by record companies that grew up on purchasing music. I hope you love this piece as much as I do: