Happy Monday my Bad, Ugly Singers! Does anyone oppose this nickname?  Like other offensive words of yesterday, I’m attempting to strip them of power. If we are all Bad, Ugly Singers, then no one can ever feel shame for being called one.

So far, I have almost 7 songs for the record “42” which will come out on my birthday (November 23rd). I have to start making packaging decisions very soon, as I will be sending it to press in a few weeks! Kind of like Christmas, it just snuck up on me. I might make it just an EP depending on where I am at. Wow, I have to shake a tail feather.

“Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer” the book has just made its second draft! I’m going to be spending a lot of time editing over the next couple of weeks… also new developments keep coming into play…. just when you think it’s wrapped up. Like the guy who sued me has a P!NK Tribute Band now… A couple of people have asked me if they can troll them… NO!!! Team Collette does it with sass and class and with our heads held high.  That being said, that part had to be written into the book, as it is %100 true and autobiographical. Most likely the book will have a cliff hanger ending. Many people advised that I wait until I am out of litigation before putting it out. No way! Cases can take years!! While I have no problem fighting in the justice system until I see what I feel is the correct outcome, there is no way I can wait that long to put the book out. This is my therapy!  Look at how marked up this first draft is!

Confessions of a Bad, Ugly SInger

I have decided it is time to really go public with the details of what happened at The NY Post. My reason for doing this is an attempt to pull back the curtain. Much of the media we have consumed, is carefully designed to make us feel insecure. I’m hoping that by showing what goes on behind the scenes,  people might learn to tune out the never-ending shame machine.  There is a sizable shift in media now, even the NY Post occasionally is starting to put in more positive leaning pieces. I always do a double take when that happens, but I’m glad it is happening. I hope one day they will make it right.

Tons of stuff is in motion!  We beta tested the “Feel No Shame” campaign, which will be launching officially soon. I found most women were REALLY into it and were pumped to talk about age discrimination. About a third were like “NO WAY”. Some of their answers were “I’m terrified to reveal my age”, “I had to lie about my age to get a job in my field, I don’t want to get fired” to a simple “Can I think about it? I’m scared”. Isn’t it unbelievable to think that a woman should have to lie about her age to get a job in her field? That’s crazy!!

Thank you all once again to those who have shown support!