Whew hoo!!! Feministing published my article. I still see a couple of things I need to tighten up writing wise, but I am grateful. Now that I have worked through the hardest stages of recovering from this situation, the hope is to have as productive of a conversation as possible… my hope is to take a terrible situation and lead it to a positive outcome. As awful as this whole situation has been, I feel a sense of strength that I didn’t even know I had.

What makes my story challenging is that there are so many layers and elements to it. It is difficult to wrap up into a soundbite. There is the legal aspect of it, but then there is also the very real issue of dealing with the way the media sometimes treats women in general.

To the guy who asked when I will stop harping a while back.. well, I honestly feel that I am just getting warmed up as far as speaking out:) Sorry.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could read/share/comment/tweet etc. Thanks to Feministing for giving me a voice on the issue.