Power of P!NK

This is a topic I have stayed relatively quiet on for a few reasons…

1) The P!NK fans are beyond awesome. Several fan clubs reached out to me to offer their support. Some of them even shared my music. They love their “Queen of The Underdogs”, and I wouldn’t want to offend them by saying anything adverse about an artist or body of work that brings them joy, hope and a sense of community.

2) Our society is too scared to comment on litigation for the most part to do anything about a very messed up and inhumane situation. The P!NK camp is not breaking the mold by ignoring it.. they are upholding the status quo.

3) Rarely does an artist call %100 of the shots…. It takes a football team sized effort to create the music and bring it to the fans.

4) Just like I did absolutely nothing that would warrant being dragged into this situation, neither did the P!NK Camp, they have no obligation to investigate, comment or help.

All this being said, the whole point of this blog is for me to emotionally work through the atrocities I was subjected to. The sooner I express everything I have to say on the matter, the sooner I can truly move on to brighter days. All this being said…

I’m so disappointed in the P!NK camp. There I said it. I remember when this was a huge three-day viral story…I had dozens of people reaching out to me who were all a degree or two of separation away. They were in other bands with her band members, they had friends at RCA Records, or a degree of separation from Roger Davies, her manager… everybody knows about this situation. It appears as if a memo went around…”nobody say a word”.

There is a complete media blackout from the P!NK camp regarding this situation. Although this is a very important political story that affects every single American citizen, the P!NK camp does not want this story front and center. They want to ignore it and have it fade away. Every time I am about to go on television to discuss this case, my interview mysteriously gets cancelled at the last-minute. I can’t help but wonder if the P!NK camp is pulling some strings…

Not one person would even acknowledge that this was happening. Not one sentence. Not even “sorry, we can’t comment in litigation”. No explanation for the silence, or brief combination of words to acknowledge that a human being is suffering. Frankly, it’s like having a crowd of people watching a person drown for fear of getting sucked into the tide. It’s sad.

Our culture of fear via the legal system is getting to an absurd tipping point. Next time you enter a town that has banned sledding, thank our legal system.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore P!NK fan, although I was blown away at the intricacies of her music when I had to learn it. I have the “Try This” album, which is my favorite. It’s just very hard for me to watch her speak of how she always “stands up for the underdog”. It’s difficult for me to watch her speak about how much she cares about humanity and politics. My situation and story directly speaks to everything P!NK has said she stands for throughout her career. If this were any other artist, I wouldn’t be so disappointed.

My disappointment is not %100 directed at the artist herself, but the team of people who are all choosing to stay quiet on a situation that directly affects every American Citizen. They are making a concentrated effort to ignore this and that is in my opinion, tragic. They were perfectly willing to let a good woman drown. Fortunately, I am a strong swimmer.

P!NK no eveilif

I am working on a music video called “Looks Like You Dropped Your Glass”… an answer to the 2010 hit “Raise Your Glass”, an anthem in which P!NK pronounces her undying love for her underdogs…
She encourages her dirty little freaks to “get loud”.

“So raise your glass if you are wrong,
In all the right ways,
All my underdogs,
We will never be never be, anything but loud
And nitty gritty dirty little freaks
Won’t you come on and come on and raise your glass,
Just come on and come on and raise your glass”

to which I reply…

“Looks Like You Dropped Your Glass,
Looks like You Dropped Your Glass…
We’re you to scared to speak?
Did you know how I got weak,
When you told this dirty little freak,
Take a Bath…
Looks like You Dropped Your Glass”Roger

Again, this was a topic I did not want to touch for the longest time. That being said, the full on media blackout of the P!NK camp is an important part of this story. It is just as important as the  legal system that allowed this case to stay in the system for this long, or even exist in the first place. It is just as important as the media’s decision to center the story around my looks, when it was really a case between two adult men. It needs to be talked about.

Sad thing is, if P!NK’s camp would only acknowledge this situation, they could help make a very powerful and positive change that would greatly benefit society.

Whew! There I said it. I feel better. 🙂