And now… we wait. See this turtle? With crutches? This turtle with crutches is a million times faster then the United States Legal system.

Turtle with crutches

I have been in litigation now for one year and eight months for SINGING IN A COVERBAND against a MAN I HAVE NEVER MET.

Wrap your mind around that….

Still, I am glad I saw things this far. It needed to be done. People need to learn how to stand up for themselves against shit like this, otherwise shit like this will never end. Shit like this needs to stop.

Fortunately, corruption in Albany is actually being addressed and brought to light.

Will I be found guilty of Conspiracy for Fraud?

Will the courts find that I have indeed harmed the public with my allegedly inferior looks and sub par musicianship?

Will I get back the $12,000 I raised by hustling my ass off? (Hint if there is any justice, yes.)

Once we have an answer from the courts, you will all be the first to know!