Welcome to the Joe Rogan message board readers! I get information on how people find me and it appears someone posted the Sara Stewart letter…

I can’t access the boards so I don’t know what has been said. That said, I’m glad your here. You may wonder why I ramble so much about everything that has happened. I do so for the following reasons.

  1. So I can heal and make sense of this
  2. So I can hopefully help other people who may have been defamed by the media or wrongfully dragged into the legal system
  3. So I can educate people about the state of the legal system… it is super corrupt, messed up and needs to change. As horrifying as my story is, there are many more out there. People are scared to take a stand. I hope I can inspire more people to fight for change.
  4. So I can educate journalists about the power they have, their contributions to culture and humanity.
  5. There are a lot of resources discussing frivolous litigation, but few resources for those targeted by it. Hopefully by sharing my journey, I can make it less painful for someone else.

I like Joe for the most part and listened to his podcasts a bunch. Until he made a comment about women over 40 getting into spirituality because no one wants to fuck them anymore….then I tuned him out. But I might give him a shot again, because I like about %90 of what he has to say.

Welcome! Joe Rogan