Hey there, so this blog post seems to be going a tad bit viral, as it is one of the most popular entries on my blog. Sara Stewart is a rare voice at The New York Post that is actually aiding in bringing the papers attitudes against women over 30 current to the year 2015. It is my hope one day the paper revisits my story and treats it with the respect it deserves.

Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer

Hey guys, this open letter has been reposted a bunch and I thank everyone who has read and shared it. My letter is in response to Sara Stewart’s “Open Letter to Hollywood Sexism” in The New York Post…

Open Letter to Sara Stewart

First of all, I am OVERJOYED to see an age/female positive piece in The NY Post regarding agism in Hollywood. I was pleasantly surprised to read your open letter, it was brilliant.  You see agism against women isn’t just a Hollywood problem… it’s an all around media problem. Unfortunately, it is occasionally a New York Post problem. I have been in the New York Post four times. Two of those times, I was age-shamed by the paper itself.

I spoke to The Post when a stranger sued me for $10,000,000 for singing in a P!NK Tribute Band he was once a part of. The 112 complaint had 13 very serious allegations against…

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