Well, I’m back in the New York Post… this will be #6 now, but at least this time their focus is where it rightfully should be… on lawsuit abuse, legal reform and the very real consequences of a corrupt legal culture.

This is an Op-Ed piece by Tom Stebbins of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York… it looks like the New York Post edited it so that it was still about my looks…I hope at some point someone will write the real story and recognize that was just a detail. That being said, I am glad the seriousness of the situation is being addressed.


New York Post

“Even the smallest pockets aren’t immune to the long fingers of New York’s trial lawyers. Consider the case of Collette McLafferty, a singer sued for $10 million by a disgruntled former bandmate she’d never met, Charles Bonfante. He also happens to be a personal-injury lawyer representing himself.

When Collette was paid $75 for one night of singing with a Pink cover band, she had no idea that she would soon be the target of the baseless $10 million lawsuit — ostensibly for ruining Bonfante’s dream of starting a successful Pink cover band by . . . staying with the band when Bonfante didn’t think she had the looks to pull it off. Though it has been over a year since The Post first reported on her story, the case is still pending in the courts, and Collette is still struggling to pay her legal bills.

Most victims of this kind of lawsuit abuse would do everything they could to put the case behind them, but not Collette. She’s gone from victim to advocate, and become a champion for “Collette’s Law,” which would require plaintiffs in frivolous cases to pay the other parties’ legal costs, and would increase sanctions against the lawyers who file frivolous cases. Of course, when Collette’s Law made it to Albany, Sheldon Silver stood in the way.”