Back in May when my Post Trauma issues were at an all time high, I started turning to Youtube gurus to help me make sense of everything that happened. This is when things were most severe… In late September/early October, I started to come out into shock and feel emotions again. As I’ve mentioned previously, I went into a state of shock for about five months. I guess that was the brain’s way of protecting me from the circumstances.

Feelings started creeping up in November…. then from January to about the following May it was a roller coaster. By May I was so exhausted, all I could do was sleep and drink wine in bed. And talk to people on Facebook. A lot of people decided to stop engaging with me because I was sharing a lot of details about my situation. I totally get it. I got pretty dark and went off the deep end. I had to. You can’t go through what I went through last year and not flip out a bit. NOT going crazy over the situation would be crazy.

The flipping out was healthy. I would be more concerned if I didn’t.

But the best part of going crazy is the sooner you crash, the quicker you can rise. This is Ralph Smart. He has some pretty brilliant spiritual guru stuff. This is a video about getting rid of people’s negative energies. between you me and the lamppost, I had plenty of that last year. No more.

Ralph Smart getting rid of other people’s bad energy.