Unfortunately, I have taken a couple steps back in my journey from healing from this situation today. It seems as if it’s a never ending process…. Three steps forward, one step back. I’m starting to feel extreme anger again. I have questions that may never get answered, but here goes…


  1. Why insult people? This is something I will never understand. I have never knowingly or purposely outright insulted someone, so I don’t understand the thought process when choosing to take this route.
  2. Why lie about someone? The truth always sets you free, so I don’t get this.
  3. If you are a legal professional, how do you justify putting a total stranger in a situation where they have to come up with thousands of dollars? Does not compute.
  4. Government: Why do you let legal professionals sue civilians, let them represent themselves… then put said civilian in a position of having to come up with thousands of dollars to defend themselves while the public servant has minimal monetary costs? Does not compute…
  5. Amerika… how can we justify a CIVILIAN being put in the position of having to spend thousands of dollars to defend themselves against a stranger who is INSULTING THEM in legal documents with countless false statements to boot… just no. One of these three things are bad enough… but all three? Really Amerika? How embarrassing for our culture and country.
  6. Do we all know and understand that our legal system is made fun of all over the world for it’s absurdity? Are we cool with this? I’m not….
  7. We all know what happened to me is not OK, right? Ok, good.