So I don’t really celebrate Christmas and I’m usually super politically correct and always say Happy Holidays! But let’s face it, Christmas can be hella fun… I just stopped celebrating it because I’m not really into Jesus as  the only savior (I believe he is one of many and we are our own saviors)…and then I became a minimalist. My goal is always to own as few material things as possible and attempt to strip down to basics… that goes against gift giving… I feel like often we get and give stuff we don’t need. I got turned off by the extremities of the commercialism… so I just stopped celebrating it all together.

Still, I know how much it means to some people so Merry Christmas!

To my Jews Happy Chanukah!

Kwanza to my Kwanza celebrating folks…

Winter Solstice to my hippie atheist friends

and Fetivus for the Rest of Us! (I guess I am kind of in that category).

Bottom line is it is a time of year where we all like to meet up with friends new and old, reconnect, check in… no matter what you celebrate (or don’t), there is something for everyone this time of year!

Merry Christmas!