First of all, welcome to my new readers from Trinidad and Tobago!!!


Hello Trinidad and Tobago! Glad your here.


For the year 2016, I am making one promise to myself..ok, two.

  1. To always trust my gut and my intuition. Intuition is NEVER wrong! Ever.
  2. If a situation feels wrong, I am getting the hell out of it sooner rather then later.

When I was asked to sing for the P!NK Tribute Band a loud voice said in one ear “NO!”. I was offered money, so I did it. I kept showing up because there was a paycheck. When things felt off (which was  before the legal harassment started), I would confide for hours to anyone that would listen that I needed to get out of this band.

I tried to make a slow graceful exit without hurting anybody. I wanted the band to find a singer before I left, as they were extraordinarily talented.  I was so relieved when I saw a potential replacement at that last rehearsal. Despite wanting to get out myself, I wanted them to thrive and prosper. I put their needs above my own, which was to get out and cut ties.

I could have never predicted the level to which my instincts were correct.

Sometimes the universe puts you in situation after situation until it smacks you over the head. I find we always have the answers within a split second if a situation is right for us.

Unexpected things have come out of this… such as finding my voice as a writer again and becoming a champion for legal reform… but would I go through this again if I had the chance to do it all over?

No. Fucking. Way.

I would have declined the gig and listened to that voice. We always have the answers inside of us. We can answer our own questions within a 1/4 of a second. ALWAYS.

Happy New Year everyone and trust the voice within!