I’m not sure if I should be totally bummed out, amazed, shocked, …amused? I mean, WTF… I certainly never saw this one coming…lol.

It never occurred to me in ten million years that if you googled “Bad, Ugly, Singer” my name would come up repeatedly on the front page of Google. 

I can’t. I just can’t even. Some of it is the press, but some of it is now my blog. So there’s that.

Bad, Ugly Singer

I sometimes get the search terms that send people to this site…  I learned that people google bad, ugly singers a lot with (various singer’s names attached to the search term). The latest I got lately were Rachel Platten and Gloria Estefan Jeez guys, both of those women are beautiful… what is wrong with people? –

But I digress. I wonder how many come in search of bad, ugly singers and leave with a basic working knowledge of The United States Legal System? To anyone and everyone passing through COBUS… if you live in the United States my story could easily be your story one day.

It can happen overnight. To anyone, anywhere. Now please go apologize to Rachel Platten and Gloria Estefan! By the way, hello to my new readers in Kenya, Afghanistan, and Jamaica!