In my journey of healing from the past two years of P!NK Tributegate, there is a constant need to step back, assess and wrap my head around everything. What has been challenging at times is dealing with the lawsuit issue and the media issue… both sides of the coin are equally disturbing and two separate battles… or are they?

Two sides
Two issues: One common theme. 

What I realize is that the Plaintiff in this case and the editor at The New York Post (who ever keeps coming up with the “old and ugly” headlines when writing about my case)… are basically the same person in a sense that they display shared common values rooted in patriarchy. Both sides of the same coin are attempting to sell me the notion that I am somehow defected, flawed and inferior for not measuring up to their ideals of what they find attractive.

I’m not buying it.

What I find interesting is that for all of the media outlets that went with the “old and ugly” story  (I’m not talking about the “too unattractive” headlines…that is a much gentler level)…not ONE of those media outlets used an actual clear photo of me that wasn’t altered. Arise Xchange used a photo of me that was 50 feet away. The New York Post used a wide sense to make my forehead the size of Texas. Other outlets used a photo of P!NK and didn’t use my image at all., if you are going to write about a bad, ugly singer… why not show a picture of the bad, ugly singer?

Because there was no “bad, ugly singer” to write about. It was fiction, sold under the disguise as news.

In each scenario, a decision was made by a production team to sell and market me as an “old and ugly” woman. In each scenario, part of said marketing plan was to refrain from showing my true image all together.

Why? Well, patriarchy  is dying a slow, uncomfortable death…gasping for air at any last attempt to keep it the status quo. It’s a dinosaur.

That is all.