Let’s face it… haterz only mess with people that they know deep down possess immense quantities of awesomeness. No one bothers with anyone they find truly mediocre.

Anytime someone insults another person, it is never about the other person they are insulting. It is %100 of the time a reflection about how they feel about themselves, projected onto another person. Truly confident people don’t do this. It would never cross the mind of a confident person to belittle another.


I never once got upset thinking that anything in those legal documents (repeated in the media) were true. If anything, everything the Plaintiff wrote about me was well, the polar opposite of the truth. Off key? Nope. Unattractive? Hardly. Struggling? Not really. What made me upset was the willingness of a stranger to put another stranger in harm’s way. This goes for both the legal and media sides of the coin.

I can only imagine what may go on in the inner dialogue of someone’s mind to put an innocent person in a position of coming up with thousands of dollars to read and respond to offensive and false statements.

It can’t be good. For that I hope to take my anger and channel it into compassion someday. Because, even on my most challenging day, that is something I would never do. To know that I will never experience that level of inner hurt is something I am grateful for.

Haterz are really fans in disguise. The stronger the Haterade, the more awesome they are acknowledging you are.