I have wicked insomnia tonight… $13,000 in legal fees and media defamation will do that to you. So it’s time for a Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger. Tonight, we study the work of Eliza Bethany from Hot 99.5  Not sure what part of the country that station is from, but I believe it is an Iheart Radio Station. Her page says to “Tweet at Her”:

Tweet me

I’ve tweeted on a couple occasions to no response. Media folks are not very receptive when you point out that they reported something untrue about you. To be fair, Eliza didn’t invent the whole “report what is on the newswire” schtick. Just doing her job, I guess.

Eliza 2

I’ll start with the positive:
“This makes no sense, but apparently you can sue someone for being too ugly and old to be in a P!nk cover band… cuz it’s happening to this poor woman.”

Ok, at least she acknowledges that it’s messed up and makes no sense.. that is a solid start… Eliza, it makes no sense because that is not the true story. I am 4 years older then P!NK. My age was not an issue. That was %100 made up by the New York Post and anyone who reports that is reporting things that are not true.

She was supposed to make this band become HUGE… then she looked like this… and could barely sing.


Hmmm… this gets a wag of the finger. Come on girl, was the “she looked like this” comment needed? Isn’t it bad enough I’m getting sued? 🙂 But for the record, no I don’t actually look like that. Take a look at the forehead. Really look at it…my eyes are in the bottom third of my head on this one! The forehead… It is unnaturally large. Yes, we are talking reverse photo shop to make me look “older and uglier” to sell a headline. But even if I did.. um…hello… breathing, feeling human being over here!

Above is the digitally manipulated version of what I look like, courtesy of The New York Post. Here is what I actually look like. My photo is taken with an iPhone, not retouched. The photo experts I spoke to said it looked like they used a wide lense on my forehead to give it the “super market tabloid” look. Excuse the bra peeking out, I recreated this shot. Does this look old and ugly to you? Of course not.

New New New York post

So like…shouldn’t they just pick someone else? 

So like…Eliza, for the record… the man that sued me wasn’t even in the band I was hired to sing in! He left long before I was hired. The band I was in was pretty happy with me as a vocalist. It wasn’t even my band. I was helping them startup and was hired for my vocal expertise and experience.

The guy that sued me? Never met him to this day!!! He had bad blood with the man who hired me… and he wanted to have the first P!NK Tribute Band in Long Island.. but he was mad that his former friend beat him to the punch.

I tweeted you my “MTV Buzzworthy” video of my old band edibleRed performing “Hey Ya”… when I was signed to Select Records (because I can sing!) and touring Europe (also because I can sing!). I am a pro singer who relies on my internet reputation to book jobs… I sing on commercials (because I can sing!) so these “old, ugly, bad singer” articles about me that are dominating the internet is no bueno…because my potential employers go online to check me out and what they are finding are articles like the one on 99.5. Come on girl, do a sista a solid and listen to me sing if your going to report that.

edibleRed “Hey Ya”, Blank TV

Eliza, you should also know you too can get sued by someone you have never met. Our legal system allows it. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you have to defend yourself, possibly for years and for thousands of dollars. And I’m not cool with that, so I am working to change the laws. because I never want what happened to me, to happen to you.

If your wondering why I am just writing about this now… it is because I went into a very severe depression when this story broke. It took a while to get my life back.