Working on a track for a producer in Bushwick… so, I had to actually STOP USING MY REAL NAME to start booking clients again…that is just…crazy. Again, I went back with a critical eye to review my performances to see if there was any consistent pitch problems that I was over looking… Maybe the fact that I had been working as a professional singer for so many years was just a fluke? I have to be honest, I just wasn’t hearing it. I’m the first one to listen to myself with a critical ear….and I have always taught my students to do so as well. As a pro studio vocalist, a big part of my job is to know when I can do it better…even when the client is satisfied.

Honestly folks, I feel like I got sued by Hellen Keller because the Plainitiff’s description of me is a real head scratcher… I keep going through my videos to hear what is so appalling or unattractive and I have yet to see or hear anything consistent with his description of me. I’m gonna have to go with the fact that he just didn’t like redheads because honestly, there is no other explanation. Honestly, I like what I see and what I hear, big time! I know as women, we are conditioned by society to self-depreciate but I’m gonna call it like I see it. I can sing!

I seriously…don’t. get. it. at. all.  I have to remember… I have never met this guy. This right here is the most important aspect of the case.  At some point, I can’t even take it personally anymore…just gotta throw my hands up and say… “this is the definition of absurd…what ya got next, universe”. The situation says more about the Plaintiff and absolutely nothing about me.

But I digress…  I found myself reverting back to “Stage 2” of trauma… telling the story over and over and over again just to make sense of it. I thought I had passed this stage, so it’s a bummer to be revisiting this territory.  Although with each new person that learns my story, the absolute shock and horror on their face when they learned what happened to me is consistent.

But I’m back in the studio, where I belong… yay! I’m getting tired of sounding like a one-trick pony…so I look forward to delivering more news about my album and book and less “brain processing” of what is the worlds most absurd situation. I was commissioned to write a song to an EDM track… so I wrote “I Don’t Remember Inviting You Into My Life”. Hopefully my client will let me post it….it’s one of my favorite things I have written in  while.