I remember speaking to The Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York about my case a while back. I was transitioning out of the shock phase and things felt rather dream-like… I felt like I was in a bubble of sorts. Each word I spoke, I chose carefully. I was piecing together everything that happened and as I was telling the story… I still couldn’t believe it had really happened to me…. also let’s state the obvious… I must have still been a little out of it, because for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to wear a green shirt with green eyeshadow and sit in front of a green wall. I was still a victim here…

The sad piano music was very fitting… but I don’t think it would be fitting for where I am at now, as I have found permission to let myself get angry. Here I am not afraid to speak out because I know what the rest of the world has already stated. None of this is OK. I am not in the wrong here and it is acceptable to say so. Instead of sad piano music, I underscored it with my own music. The video is done by Madeline Faxon Quinn, who is a stunning graphic artist. Watching the two videos side by side, it is incredible to watch how much I have grown through this experience. It will be interesting to see where I am at a year from now!

Watching this is like watching two different people. It’s fascinating.