Of all the coverage of P!NKTributegate…one media outlet really stands out to me, in regards to presenting the truth. Sometimes in the game of “telephone”, it is understandable that a media outlet may get their facts wrong. What matters is how they deal with presenting the facts once they are aware that they initially reported the wrong story.

In the case of Philebrity.com, they fixed the story right away (they initially reported that it was P!NK’s drummer that was suing me… Steven actually took the time to correct the story right away. Frankly of all the headlines, his was the most accurate.

“Founding Member Of Pink Cover Band Takes Grievances With Co-Founder To Court, Drags Everyone Else Involved With The Project Into It”

Thank you for keeping truthful journalism alive, Steven. For this, you get a tip of the hat. The article is short enough, so I will also post it down below.

To summarize the story in one sentence: Charles Bonfante III, a personal injury attorney and founding member of Pink cover band Funhouse (correction, he was a founding member of Reservoir DogPhilebritys, not Funhouse… but that is ok…CM), named for Pink’s fifth album, is suing singer Collette McLafferty, formerly of Philadelphia, for almost $10 million in damages that she must now try to raise via this indiegogo campaign, for contributing to the band as a hired vocalist after Bonfante quit due to a falling out with his co-founder, citing in his 112-page complaint that, in addition to profiting off of his cover band idea, she is not, in his opinion, young or hot enough to look the part. Does that sentence confuse you? Why, because the amount seems totally unreasonable? Because the grounds seem totally unreasonable? Because its syntactic construction is a little ornate? Sorry about that last one. Point is, a cover band is not an original idea in the first place. We’re not lawyers over here, but come on, can you really sue someone for stealing your idea to steal someone else’s ideas?

CORRECTION: This article initially stated that Charles Bonfante III was Pink’s ex-drummer. Charles Bonfante has never had any affiliation, musical or otherwise, with Pink. The article also initially stated that Collette McLafferty had joined Funhouse as a member. Collette McLafferty was hired to contribute vocals to Funhouse, but she did not join the band as a member. We apologize for this mistake.

What I truly love about this article is that they actually apologize for their mistakes, as opposed to other media outlets that wrote false things about me and simply didn’t care. Thank you Steven!