Money can be made back.

A reputation can be restored.

But once a moment of time is gone, there is no way to recapture it.

This is the part that angers me the most. That a public servant who took a vow of ethics, an individual that I have never met can steal my time away from me while conducting himself in a way that violates the code of ethics he swore to adhere to the day he passed the bar.

A public servant is to serve and protect, not disrupt the rights of everyday citizens.

There is no excuse for this taking even one minute from my life, let alone two years. There’s no excuse for this even existing in reality.

Every moment I have spent reading this 112 page complaint full of non truths and insults is a moment I didn’t spend with friends, on stage, singing, reading a good book, writing a song.

According to this man, I am a supreme failure at everything I do. I suck for existing. The voice that has taken me around the world is worthless. The face that I am quite please with when I gaze into the mirror, inadequate. The actions I am taking to ¬†prevent this theft of time from happening to other innocent people that have no business being subjected to this makes me a “wannabe”.

Fuck that. That is all bullshit. This entire situation is all bullshit and we all know it. When I say “we all”. I mean %100 of the population.

This is time I will never get back.

My time is valuable and I made that clear from the start. I made it clear to this perfect stranger that my time was to be respected.

My time was violated.

I’m not ok with that.