For those of you who have known me for a while know I am a huge champion of independent media and all they do for artists of all disciplines. When the first wave of media came out via the New York Post… it was very frustrating. Both 112 page complaint and the mainstream media spoke of me in a way that was not only devoid of truth, but deeply inhumane. To say I can’t carry a tune or that I am old and ugly… while they are opinions.. they are also blatant non-truths. To see newsrooms laughing at my expense while my whole world was crumbling was a frustration that I hope to never experience again and one I wish on no one.  I radio USA

That’s why it was a great relief when smaller, independent media outlets started to contact me. While a major corporation has bottom-line click bait dollars to accommodate..they literally can’t afford to see their subjects as human beings.
Independent media embraces the subject and often digs deep. To anyone who is sick of what is on the radio… go online and explore. There are so many awesome indie radio stations and I am about to introduce you to one of them. Zacks Attic on IRadioUSA.


What I loved is that they actually played my music. If a media outlet is going to report that I can’t carry a tune, they should also mention that I had a record deal and have sung on commercials. Does it not make sense to provide a link and let the listener decide? It’s only fair. There were a lot of call- ins that day. Many people expressed very strong opinions (that I am not in a position to publicly agree with), but one caller, a famous graphic artist named Nelson Faro Decastro had something very important to say:

“The Legal System is a place for integrity”.

He then suggested that we shut the whole thing down and rebuild it from scratch. Amen to that. Philip K. Howard speaks in his book “The Rule of Nobody” how the only way to achieve a legal system that actually serves the people is to let the current one implode. He speaks of the umpteen levels of bureaucracy one must go through to get anything done. To me, it is absolutely mind blowing that it has taken almost two years for the courts to properly dismiss me from this case… a dismissal that is the absolute definition of no-brainer. But for those of us that are just learning about the legal system… welcome the the worlds largest ball of red tape. My life, my mental health, future and well being reduced to a 112 page stack of paper floating amidst the clutter.          The Rule of Nobody

The fact that I am still locked in a case that was filed two years ago by a legal professional that I have never met before is completely unacceptable. The courts should have provisions in place to make sure that cases like this can not even get started, let alone get this far. Hello… a lawyer against a complete stranger… how does this make sense under the guise of “justice”? *** bangs head on desk***  just keeping it real folks.

Who are your favorite independent sources for news and music? I am always looking to check out new stuff.