So Toplining for the EDM world is going very, very well. It’s kind of crazy after the couple of years that I have had for something to be well…so positive and undeniably successful. I’m kind of glad I got sick the week my album was supposed to drop… only because my songwriting has improved tenfold and there are a couple new songs I want to add to the record… It’s that whole conundrum. By the time a record is about to wrap, the artist has usually grown and wants to represent with new material. It never ends.

I decided to compete for a topline gig for a Trance track. Now I have always loved Trance music… but  have been shy about approaching it as an artist or a writer… why? Well the lyrical content always seemed so… well, nothing like what I am use to writing. It’s always about love and stars and moons and hearts and very ethereal things… which is not the norm for me. My songs are usually… “hey you pissed me off, now I write a song about you”. This was very new territory for me.

I drew inspiration from “The Siren’s Welcome” and from Josh’s account of rescuing 70 Syrian refugees from the Aegean Sea. I decided to go very deep and write it from the point of view of one of the child refugees…but written several years later as an adult, tapping into memories. I wrote a track called “I Can Reach”…. it talks of reaching out through the cold, freezing waters…surrendering and trusting those who are there to help.

Something about reading this story unlocked a new part of my consciousness and it inspired me to use a new part of my voice.. well, maybe not a new part… perhaps a previously ignored part. Yes, we are talking falsetto, upper register.. head voice. I went years without honoring that part of my artistry. If I don’t win the bid, this melody is going on my album! I can’t lie, I kind of love my voice over this track… I am kind of hoping it wins:) Wish me luck!