For those of you who are brand spanking new to Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer…here is  the cliff notes version of my story: Bill

  1. Two years ago, I accepted a job in a P!NK Tribute Band. I was sued for $10,000,000 by the former drummer who also happens to be a personal injury lawyer. He started this lawsuit at minimal cost to him, while I have had to raise thousands of dollars to defend myself.
  2. The lawyer dragged me into the lawsuit because he had a personal dispute with the man who hired me. He states in an email to my lawyer that it is because of the band leader’s actions that I found myself in the unenviable position of being in the lawyer’s crosshairs. I have still never met the lawyer/Plainitff to this day. I was paid $75 for the show and have accrued over $13,000 in legal fees.
  3. The lawsuit alleges I engaged in “Deceptive Trade Practices” and “Conspiracy for Fraud”, when in reality I accepted an offer to play a show and get paid for it. It also states…yes in legal writing that I am “too unattractive” to front a P!NK Tribute Band and I am a lousy singer. The Plaintiff goes on in great detail about his disdain for me while watching my Youtube videos.
  4. A story went viral about me worldwide stating I got sued for being “too old and too ugly” for the band. The New York Post altered a photo of me to make me fit the headline and I randomly ended up in the tabloids and on mainstream news programs as this “old and ugly” version of myself.  This is not what the lawsuit is about at all, but now if you google me… Viral.jpeg
  5. I have decided to fight this lawsuit and demand proper accountability and justice for being thrown into this situation… this isn’t just happening to me… this is happening to people all over the country.
  6. Along with the “Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York”, I am introducing the “Frivolous Litigation Reduction Act” (nicknamed “Collette’s Law”) to introduce actual penalties for those who file frivolous cases (there are laws in place now, but they are often not enforced… also the court system is rather shy about properly penalizing “their own”). This harms ordinary citizens living their day to day lives. This is not OK.
  7. Sheldon Silver, the Speaker of the Assembly blocked my bill and I was “stonewalled” by the staff of the various legislators that I contacted. Reform in the legal system, while overdue, means a reduction of profits for those who financially benefit  from a broken legal system.
  8. Sheldon Silver has now been inducted on corruption charges, America is “feeling the Bern” and has an interest in politics again…this bill actually has a shot. Corruption in our legal system is now a front and center dinner table topic and it’s time to start a very real dialogue about the potential dangers of the current legal system. The only way to see any change is to have the attention of the public.

This next week is a very crucial time for me and I would appreciate it if you would consider writing your state legislator to take a look at this bill. What happened to me in the legal system is unacceptable and should not under any circumstances ever happen again! If we continue to allow the legal system to go into this direction where this is even possible in the first place… things are going to get worse. The time to act is now. If you don’t support my bill (although I hope you do), please consider supporting other propositions for legislation that demand common sense reforms in the legal system. This affects everybody.