I have always been a huge fan of indie media and art. Both Troma and “The Rew and Who Show” are two outlets that I have ties to and much respect for. I am deeply saddened by the way I saw my good friend Rew Starr treated by Lloyd Kaufman on “The Rew and Who” show.

I have been on Rew’s show about a dozen times now. I love it. Before I say yes to going on a talk show, I take the time and research it for a minute or two to see if it is a good fit. Rew has a sound effects machine she uses in her interviews.Collette Rew and Who

Big whoop. Lloyd tore into Rew for using a screaming sound effect when mentioning Troma during an interview (because Troma does horror movies…get it?). It’s hard to tell when he’s kidding or serious, but for me personally he crossed a line. If a show is beneath you or “stupid”, don’t go on the show.

One thing that both Lloyd and Rew have in common is that they both work tirelessly on their craft and have been doing so for decades. While Lloyd is the more famous of the two.. the “Rew and Who” show has carved out her own niche in indie media. The scope of people she has interviewed is nothing to sneeze at. Member of Eric Garner’s extended family were also on the show later that day. Thankfully, they were not in the audience at the time.

While I respect Lloyd wanting to make a serious point in an interview, I don’t respect him laying in to Rew on her own turf and telling her that the very show she has been working on tirelessly for years is stupid. With a catalogue of films with names like “Butt Crack”, a never ending supply of penis monsters, boobs, farts, shit jokes, actual shit and green slime …is it really appropriate to get high and mighty over an ill timed sound effect? I love Lloyd for the record…I’m just keeping it 100 like Larry Wilmore, because I care. Buttcrack

Back in 2012 I worked my ass off to help the Troma team get to the Cannes Film Festival to the premier of “Return to Nuke Em High”.  I personally came up with the idea of throwing a live 12 hour telethon style fundraiser to help boost the fundraising efforts. I designed the show based off of previous fundraisers that I had thrown together for my band’s European tours. I personally secured the space and joined forces with other cast members to make this happen. We had a silent auction of art work from all over the world and entertainment for almost 12 hours and managed to raise over $1000 (I think it might have been around $1400). People actually flew in for this event. Unfortunately, when Lloyd invited the people who put the event together to thank on stage…he had no idea that it was me who came up with the idea, he gave complete credit to two men in the office who told people I was there to “help count the money”. It was a wildly successful event and it greatly boosted the moral of the offline efforts as well. Between the event and online donations, I personally helped raise about $2,000 of the $30,000  that was needed to send the Troma team to Cannes. When a handful of volunteers couldn’t find affordable accommodations, I found them a place in Antibes and made it possible for them to go to Cannes and volunteer their time. I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel… invested….but I digress.

To help spread the word about the event and fundraising efforts…I tapped into every media contact I had from my edibleRed days and went on various shows to help spread the word about Cannes… Rew of “Rew and Who” was extremely supportive an let me use the “Rew and Who” show to get the word out about the “Occupy Cannes” fundraising efforts. Beyond having Troma guests on her show, she helped spread the word far and wide on and offline… constantly sharing the fundraising efforts with her community, which is a rather vast network of indie artists. To see someone make a contribution to the Occupy Cannes Fundraising efforts and then get outright insulted by the person she was helping years later…. well it’s rubbing me the wrong way.

Artists… this is never the way to treat someone who is helping spread the word for you. Lloyd, I will always have fond memories of my time with Troma, but I find this insulting to your supporters. You can “school” someone on a serious moment without downright degrading them. I respectfully say a public apology would be appropriate. While you still would have made it to Cannes with or without Rew’s support, she absolutely was one of many people who helped push the boulder that is “Return To Nuke Em High” up that $30,000 cliff. To the Troma disciples who believe Lloyd is a God and can do no wrong… he is human like the rest of us. Maybe Rew fucked up by pressing an inappropriate button at the wrong time, but Lloyd won the battle of the fuck ups, in my opinion, in this segment by completely trashing someone who has done nothing but support him and spread the word to help further his creative efforts. If it is “part of the shtick”… I respectfully say since Troma is evolving, it may be time to consider removing the act of outright insulting people out of “the schtick”. Its simply not funny. It’s Nicole Arbour making fun of fat people not funny. Sometimes comedy misses the mark.

To those of you who are giving Lloyd the high fives… how would you feel if someone you genuinely respected came onto your turf and basically stated what you do is garbage? This is never the way to treat someone who takes the time to promote you, regardless of the size of the audience or the choices they make with the direction of their show.  I’m further saddened that Troma made a choice to upload the segment later to congratulate Lloyd for insulting my good friend and fellow longtime Troma supporter Rew Starr.

Maybe it was an annoying moment for Lloyd while he was speaking… I get that, but Rew did not mean to disrespect Lloyd…she was just doing what she always does on her show. Lloyd however, very much meant to disrespect Rew because he was annoyed. Very sad.

Sorry Lloyd, you lost me on this one.  But with all the supporters egging you on, on this one… I’m sure you won’t even notice I am gone.