First off, thank you to Troma for taking down the video. An apology did happen behind the scenes from someone from the film (not Lloyd…that’s OK, we all still love Uncle Lloydie). I’m working on new music pretty much 24/7, as I am feeling a strong pull in a new direction and sound.

I’m doing a second track with Josh Webb… the one called for a dreamier quality and not in a typical song format. I wanted to pay tribute to Denise Matthews aka Vanity. Denise got really into Jesus and on the day she died, she told people she was going to meet Him that day.

Although I am not a Christian, I am fascinated by religion and faith in general and the different ways we process it.


crash,fall rise to the peace and quiet
I used to live, live live now I die die bye it
One dark night for the soul to release and…
One white light to awake the forgiven…

And now I
am flying…
am divine.
chapters close to complete the searching
gold skys open to greet the observing..
hot sun burning to heal the heart broken
one last breath as it bursts wide open…

And now I
am I am flying…
yes I, I
am divine…