A few people have requested that I comment on the Kesha/Dr. Luke case. Since I don’t know Dr. Luke or Kesha personally, I can’t comment on the allegations. I will however send my love and support, as it is clear that SOMETHING traumatizing happened.Kesha I remember once seeing a music video of Kesha doing a handstand in a G-string spread eagle. I just remember thinking to myself that there was no way on earth she had any creative control of her image and music videos if she was doing that.I don’t have a problem with exploring sexuality through performance…but you can tell when it is coming from the artist and when the artist is being forced to do it. I have my own experiences as a signed artist to pull from (although for the record, even though my boundaries were always being tested…they were respected at the end of the day…even if I had to fight long and hard to keep them. That skill came from being signed at a later age then what is normal). There were pictures of Kesha on the internet in sexually compromising situations. Were these true candid moments, or engineered somewhere in the higher chain of command?  Something around the Kesha machine seemed… well a little off and a little creepy.

I’m sad to see her in such a clear state of trauma…although there hasn’t been enough sufficient evidence on the Dr. Luke allegations to fully be getting out the pitchforks, in my opinion. That being said, the Kesha/Dr. Luke case is shining a light on common place abusive practices against women in the music industry that have gone on for decades…(some of those abusive  practices are very much reflected in the absurd 112 page complaint I had to pay thousands of dollars to be subjected to) Kesha is taking on unchartered territory by taking a stand. The music industry is not at all used to women actually speaking out.

For years now, some of the shadier practices against women have been somewhat hush hush and somewhat accepted component of the “darker side” of the industry. In many legit workplaces, sexual harassment is given a no-tolorance status. Maybe it is time the music industry follows suit.

Kesha goes on to say: Unfortunately I don’t think that my case is giving people who have been abused confidence that they can speak out, and that’s a problem.

In a parallel, I think about my situation, being abused in the legal system. While I can’t comment on what really happened in Kesha’s case… the suppression the victims of abuse feel is VERY real for fear of being punished all over again. Abuse is abuse, wether it is sexual, emotional, or legal.

In my situation… I never actually made the choice to speak out. The choice was made for me by The Plaintiff when he threatened me with a second lawsuit and wrote in an email that he choose to go after me because of the man who hired me. This is after cc’ing me on documents threatening jail time, frozen assets and tax liens. This is after going on for pages on his disdain for my looks and voice. Once I was pushed that far, there was absolutely no turning back.   Kesha Luke

Had the Plaintiff not made the choice to push me that far, it’s very possible I would be in litigation quietly.. still being abused by this man… this total stranger,  just not in the public eye. Lawsuit abuse, like many of the abuses that Kesha is speaking of, often goes unreported. By the time a judge actually reads the case it’s almost two years in. Sometime’s the innocent defendant pays off the predator and even signs a gag order, just to end the abuse. It’s not easy being a pioneer in the name of self defense, truth and justice.

Regardless of how all of this turns out, future pop stars might actually have sexual harassment and safety clauses in their contracts. The mental and emotional health of a singer might actually become a real front and center issue. That is exciting. It’s not easy being one of the first to speak out, but someone has to do it.

While Kesha is clearly going through something extremely traumatizing, she  may be sparing generations of future pop stars from experiencing the same. Pop stars are after all human just like us.