The mystery that is Mart
Mart is a mysterious one and likes to quote “Anonymous”. Expect him. #wearemart

Oh, Mart. I have been called so much worse then a “untalented, ugly hag”. In major newspapers and TV programs actually. At some point, it makes sense to filter out the negativity and focus on what matters: what it is we love to do. Creative industries are tough, especially in New York. For those of you wondering what the hell I am talking about.. well it seems that the Rew and Who Troma video has been reuploaded and has resurfaced. Some of the comments are pretty appalling. I mean… for pushing a sound effects button? Really? I am having difficulty wrapping my head around it.

Rew has told me that Lloyd reached out through the grapevine to communicate he was only joking and just wanted to give the show a bit of controversy (as he is known to do).He has also been “liking” her posts on social media.

That is Lloyd’s way of apologizing. Although I reacted strongly to the video, at the end of the day Lloyd is a champion to DIY creative’s, as Rew is in her own right. Speaking your mind truthfully is actually a very Lloyd Kaufman thing to do.

So my new buddy Mart decided to email me from his Troma email to state that no one cares what an untalented, ugly hag like myself has to say. Actually he said “no one over there”, as if I couldn’t see his email. Mart, my blog is called “Confessions, of a Bad, Ugly Singer”, your gonna have to come up with more original burns then that.

Mart, I poop on your insults.

He then went on to say that my blog post was an attempt at importance and relevancy.. or something like that.

Except.. we are all important and we are all relevant. Even you, Mart. I would like to point out to my new friend that all I did was create a blog post and share it witGirl Byeh the person I was defending. I didn’t post it on the Troma page or anywhere else other then my own social networks. Am I not supposed to write about accomplished people and controversial situations? What do I write about then? Paint drying on my wall? Should I write about my toenails so I don’t offend anyone (bad example, my toenails can be pretty controversial when left unattended)? Does is not make sense to offer a counterpoint when you see a bunch of people going with the herd and vilifying an innocent person in the process, whose horrible crime was to push a sound effects button, like she has been doing on her show for years?  The purpose and beauty of a blog and the internet in general is to express yourself. This is my real estate and my domain. You can chose to walk on my property or drive on by. Bye, Felicia.