I am happy to announce that “Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer” is about to go in it’s third draft and I am now working with an agent!!! I will have more details for you very soon. I’ve gotten some excellent feedback from Jeff Schmidt from NYCreatives as to how I can make this book better.

When I wrote the first draft it was %100 from a place of survival. Not for once was I thinking “This would make a cool book”, it was more “something very strange and disturbing is being forced upon me by complete strangers and completely hijacking my life. It would be a good idea  to document this detail by detail and let the public know about the inner workings of both the legal system and mainstream media”.

Update on the BOOK
I like to post this book every once in a while, to remind y’all that a book is coming. #wearecollette #wearecoming

When I met with my first Senator’s aide. I told him I was being sued by a complete stranger for $10,000,000 by a lawyer not paying for legal representation.

His response?

“Hmmm….not surprised”.

Business as usual. He then told me he got sued for $18,000,000.

“Who paid your legal fees?”

“The state”. He said.

While the Senator’s aide was not at all surprised, the general public is shocked and has reacted strongly to this situation. We all know this is unacceptable and should not under any circumstances to anyone else.

So how do we change this? We learn about the legal system first and foremost.

Every person in the country can go through what I did. Two years later, I am FINALLY getting my life back. I no longer think of this lawsuit as a cancer, I just think of it as a really bad rash… annoying as fuck, but I can get about my day. But like cancer, lawsuit abuse does not discriminate. I am learning that there are actually websites devoted to teaching people how you can manipulate the legal system to bring harm to one’s life while going pro se. Using the legal system to abuse and manipulate another person is not legal per se, but it is highly tolerated.  The legal system, when in the wrong hands can be used as a tool of abuse, not justice.

To get my life back,  I had to experience hell on earth first. I can finally sum up what the lowest point of this experience felt like. Hell on earth.

To survive hell on earth, all I could do was write. And write. And write. I’d be in Black Cat coffee all day, then Cake Shop all night until four in the morning. I was also coming out of a six year writer’s block.

But now that I am finally getting my career back in gear and my life together (after losing two years of my career to this lawsuit), I can honestly say one thing.

This would make a pretty cool book.