To the Suffolk County courts I say this: enough is enough. There is no excuse for any of this .  Do not let this  senseless case to continue to drag on. I don’t understand why a lawyer is allowed to sue a civilian in the first place and go pro-se, while the defendant has to come up with thousands of legal fees. It makes no sense whatsoever. No more. Come on Suffolk County, get it together.  No more

There are schools all over the country that are actually talking about this case as a TEXTBOOK case of a frivolous lawsuit. All over the world regular people, celebrities and journalists are calling this case out for what it is:

A complete waste of the courts time. A waste of tax payer dollars. Abuse. Please do not continue to allow the courts to be a tool of abuse by letting this drag on.

The world is watching this case. Be on the right side of history, Suffolk County. Please.