Yesterday, I got a tweet from @caseyfahey  with his congrats. He told me the decision was on eCourts. My lawyer was in court, so I found out on twitter before he called. As I was pulling up the decision, I was so nervous. I literally felt like I was going to throw up. Two years worth of anxiety all came rushing into the pit of my stomach.


I opened up the eCourts decision. I could tell it was good, but I had no idea what the hell it all meant. My lawyer happened to call minutes later. “How did you know it was on courts?” he asked. “Someone told me on Twitter”. LOL.

Bottom Line: I am no longer being sued for $10,000,000. The courts finally recognized what the entire world did a long time ago: this case against me is, was and will always be complete bullshit and a waste of taxpayer money.

On June 2nd there will be a hearing to discuss Charles Bonfante’s conduct. For the first time in my life, I will actually be in the same room as this individual. Of course, I would like to see punishment to the fullest extent of the law. It is up for the courts to decide, however,  he is “one of their own” so I am prepared for anything.

As I mentioned prior, Charles Bonfante had threatened me with a second lawsuit and stated it was the actions of Rik Nevone that put me in the “unenviable position of being in his crosshairs”. Not my actions, but another person’s actions. A person that had nothing to do with me. That is the night I drank half a bottle of wine, called a former VH1 executive and worked up the courage to call the New York Post. Miraculously, within hours of the New York Post article going viral, Bonfante offered to drop it… but under the circumstances that I never talk about it again.  “Well of course he will be paying my legal fees”, I said. His offer? HALF.

Let that sink in. HALF. WOW.

Ok, let’s get this straight… I am being insulted, harassed, bullied, lied about in court documents… put in a situation where I HAVE to speak to the press (which destroyed my once sparkling professional reputation) and I am offered HALF my legal fees?


A lot of people  encouraged me to “take the deal” just to avoid being in the court system for years. At this point however, my reputation was completely destroyed on the internet and it was 100%  Bonfante’s doing, not mine.

I could not permit Charles  to insult me any further. If I had taken that pathetic “deal”, I would probably be depressed about it for the rest of my life. I believed Bonfante banked on me cowering  and crying in a corner because The All Mighty Former Micheal Bolton Drummer During His Hair Metal Phase did not deem me worthy of the stage.

Instead, I grew to love and respect myself more and more every day. Through the pain, the tears, the panic attacks, the therapy sessions, the PTSD and even the suicidal thoughts. It felt like a bad rash that wouldn’t go away… it still does… I KNEW I WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING BY FIGHTING THIS. Even when I left my apartment of ten years (I took a buyout way below market value just so I could pay my legal fees).

The fight is not over, it is just beginning as it is time to demand TRUE ACCOUNTABILITY for what I was subjected to at the hands of a total stranger in the court system. It is time to take on the trial lawyers in Albany and demand that we change the laws so that we have  a justice system that truly SERVES AND PROTECTS the public.