So yes, the good news is I am no longer being sued for $10,000,000. That of course is amazing. But shouldn’t I be able to go about my life and not get sued for $10,000,000 by total strangers? Like, shouldn’t that be a given that lawyers we have never met are wouldn’t sue a total stranger? Do I live in a fantasy world?

So I thought the hearing was on June 2nd. Nope it’s a conference for a hearing aka this shit is still dragging on. This whole experience is absolute insanity. I can’t even believe it’s been two years.

On the plus side, y’all were giving me some serious LOVE on Facebook that day I learned that I,  Collette McLafferty was no longer being sued for $10,000,000.



So it turns out because the conference, hearing and countersuit are not over, the case isn’t technically dismissed… just all the charges against me (that had no business ever existing in the first place) are dropped. It’s a start.

Also, tonight I will be on Fox’s “Chasing”, it’s a news show where reporters chase down stories they get leads on. I am doing a followup interview with Sibile, who slipped this note under my door:

Fox News


This was the first segment we did. P!NK is the New Ugly. I have resigned myself to the fact that his opinion of my looks is pretty much all America wants to talk about.