Over the last couple of years there are a couple questions I have gotten over and over again. The first is “Are you sure you can talk about it?”. The second is “Why are you talking about this so much?”. gag order

The answer to question to the first question: Yes, I can talk about it as much as I want . In fact, I  have to just to survive the situation.

The answer to the second question is  this: I talk about this so much because the situation I have been put in is unacceptable. I will keep talking about it until I see an end result that honors me as a human being and recognizes that my time and my life is valuable. Until I see that result, I will speak out.

Lady JusticeSome take classes to learn about the legal system. Me? I had to get sued by a total stranger to learn anything about it. It’s an education I didn’t ask for, but one that I need to pass on. My hope is that if other people get targeted by abusive litigants that they might be able to come to my blog to get some answers. I am blown away by how many people have had experiences similar to mine. Many of them don’t and/or can’t talk about it.

Abusive litigation needs to be talked about openly and publicly. It affects our entire society and is a very serious civil rights issue. We deserve to live in a world where innocent people don’t get dragged into the legal system for years… or worse yet, go to jail (a whole other   can of worms).