First of all,  ALL political affiliations are welcome here at COBUS, even though I’m Feeling the Bern pretty hard right about now. The first step to dismantling any corrupt system is spreading knowledge and getting people engaged. The energy at The Bernie Sanders Activists page is positively electric right now. When times get tough in lawsuit land, I look to this page for inspiration and support.

Bernie Sanders Activists
If anyone knows who made this image, please contact me so I can credit them! I found it on Intreat. 

For those of you new to my blog, you’ll see that I write tons of open letters to people…sometimes rock stars, politicians and in one instance all women on the planet. Sometimes the information is repeated. I do this for one reason: I think it’s crucial that the details of my case are public knowledge, so we can identify, dismantle and reform the current blatant corruption that is tolerated in the legal system.

A volunteer from Bernie’s Buffalo chapter reached out to me to get more information on Collette’s Law when it was announced that Assembly Woman Maritza Davila would be officially backing “Collette’s Law”. For those of you new to the blog, Collette’s Law would encourage a “loser pays” system to prevent frivolous and abusive lawsuits that are filed for the sake of wasting time, money and resources. These lawsuits are usually filed with ulterior motives and often by litigants that are familiar with the legal system.

My conversation with this volunteer  inspired me to write my “Open Letter to Bernie Sanders”, urging him to address Civil Legal Reform in his speeches, as it is a woefully underreported issue. I posted it in The Bernie Sander’s Activists page figuring a couple of people would read it. Instead it was read in 8 countries within an hour and there was a healthy dialogue on The Bernie Sander’s Activist page.

My favorite thing about my fellow Bernie supporters is the positivity and the commitment to staying engaged and taking action. Although I have only been on the page for a few days, It has been a YUGE source of inspiration and support and I am grateful. It’s also made me think about my own tone when talking about my lawsuit. While I initially started this page just to cope, many of my early posts were just venting my extreme anger, frustration and sadness over what I have been through. The Bernie peeps have inspired me to consider how I spread my message. Love trumps hate any time.

Shoutout to Level4Literati for this awesome image. 

I’m done being overtly angry at the legal system or the mainstream media. The anger was useful for awhile (as it is a necessary step to overcoming trauma), but I now aspire to be more focused on the change I want to see. Bernie Sanders Activist, I salute you, your actions and your humanitarian efforts!

I’m also going to make a pretty bold statement here. That moment the bird landed on Bernie’s podium? My favorite thing about that moment was actually not the bird… it was the look of knowing in Bernie’s face and the sheer electric positivity that was rippling from the podium. That was the moment Bernie knew he was going to be president.

Birdie Sanders
Mother Nature knows what’s up! 






And now I’d like to leave you with a song. This is a track I was hired to sing on in the UK. It is from an artist named Mood5wing2. (Only got time for) Love. It has an old school house vibe and a very positive message that I think would vibe with Bernie supporters… (Who also happen to like old school house music)..

While my initial lawsuit reform efforts stemmed from an incredulous sense of being so blatantly “wronged” by a complete stranger, that is no longer my fuel. I’m so inspired by the new uprising from Bernie and his supporters, that my desire to be a part of a real, meaningful humanitarian movement outweighs any anger or sadness I have experienced over the last two year with my situation.

Bernie Sanders Activists, thank you.