Today, we are One Year Old! That is kind of blowing my mind right about now. One year ago, I was absolutely positively losing my mind from the stress of being sued by a man I’ve never met, only to be  defamed by the media. I want to tell you all that I have come to a place in life where this lawsuit no longer phases me, but I can’t. I really want to say that I see the big picture, but I don’t. I would love to tell you my heart no longer hurts, but it does.


One Years Old


That being said, it hurts less… It’s not a 24/7 stress anymore. I’m writing again and I’m performing again. I do have faith that the truth will come out, as opposed to the fake story on sites like and The New York Post. This blog is no longer just for survival. It’s for truth. If media outlets like The Post and are going to refrain from telling the truth on this story… then it’s up to me to get it out there.

The Truth is Out there

So much has happened.. I have a record that’s 80 percent done, 2 music videos that are 80 percent done… a book that is 50 percent done… and now a proposition for a law that has gained quite a bit of momentum. The $10,000,000 allegations against me were dropped, which is of course, as it should be. Initially I was elated.. but then I thought about it.. this should not have been allowed to drag out this long. There is just no excuse for any of this. Why am I elated for no longer being sued for $10,000,000…when it’s unacceptable that it was tolerated in the court system for this long in the first place?

I try to understand why all this happened… is there any meaning to this? Or is life just random? Sibile from Chasing on Fox 5 had a pretty interesting theory… she thinks once all this is properly settled, the rest of my life should be pretty smooth sailing from here on out. In the game of paying our “life dues”, I have way overpaid (agreed).

I feel like I should raise a glass to this guy… one night I was pretty drunk and yelled at him on Twitter…misspelling a bunch of words (sorry/not sorry Daniel!).. I drank quite a bit during the first year of the lawsuit/yellow journalism coverage just to cope with the situation I was unwillingly thrust into. Man, I was (understandably) pissed when I read the headlines. Two years later, I am STILL processing all of this.

Between the multi-tasking and drumming, we sometimes forget the people we write about are human and can have our life and  livelihood affected by the (Sometimes false) public words that are written about us.









But I would not be the person I am today if all this crap never happened.. an author, a lawsuit reform advocate… going to Capital Hill to speak to the Assembly and Senate? NOPE NEVER SAW THAT ONE COMING, LIFE!!

Life is pretty weird. Maybe I’ll have a birthday shot for old times sake.