Of all the press that P!NK Tributegate has gotten, this one matters the most to me:

The New York Law Journal! 

Legit MC

First off, the tone of the person that sued me was unbelievably threatening. It was straight up harassment. So I am glad I stood my ground and fought it as hard as I did. Of all the press out there, The New York Law Journal’s coverage tells the story of what REALLY happened. It also highlights the sheer absurdity of the complaint itself:

The plaintiff filed a complaint containing 112 pages, 562 paragraphs and 42 causes of action against the defendants. The uncontroverted evidence established that McLafferty was hired by Nevone as an independent contract singer and was to be paid $75 per rehearsal and $100 per show. 

These numbers and statistics  are something that we, as citizens of a supposedly free country should be VERY concerned about. I can not stress enough that something this absurd can be imposed upon any citizen of the United States at any time. You have to take find the time and resources to fight it, even if the whole thing is bullshit, like this case against me was.  The fact that a public servant can put a random civilian in a situation like this is not freedom. 

Any time there is a grain of truth on public record about this case, it is a huge relief for me! Thank you to the New York Law Journal for covering P!NK Tributegate!