Yesterday I cried out of nowhere for about two hours… the fact that Prince is gone is still sinking in. Yet, at the same time he is not gone at all… there are decades of concerts, music videos, interviews, movies arguably on a level that is parallel by no one. For those of you who might want to spend some time remembering his legacy this week, there is a lot of great stuff out there.

Yes we code

Prince was not only a creator, he was also a constant consumer of art. He was a humanitarian. The “Prince stories” are starting to come out and it seems like he was not shy about reaching out to those he admired. There is a bit of a common theme amongst them.

This is an interview from David Icke. Even if your not a fan of David’s… this is a MUST WATCH if you are a fan of Prince! Suspend your disbelief of the lizard people and the illuminati, sit back and listen.

Turns out Prince was a fan of David’s (which was a shock to him) and had read his books. Here is an interview with Tavis Smiley. Prince talks Chemtrails, Modernized Slavery, and the eight presidents before George Washington…

Definitely check out the SNL Tribute with musical performances going way back to the Jill Jones/Dez Dickerson/Dr. Fink/Wendy and Lisa Days. It also includes the SNL afterparty where he plays a slow jam version of “Let’s Go Crazy” and starts the song with “dearly Inebriated”. The crowd goes nuts.

This CNN segment talks about Prince’s charitable and humanitarian works.