“Collette’s Law” was slated to be introduced by now, but there could not possibly be a crazier time to do it. The Republican party now looks looks SANE in comparison to what is going on in Nevada and the Democratic party at the moment.

We are in the early stages of a collapse. My prediction is that both parties will be radically restructured, regrouped and new parties, as well as Independents will emerge.

But first, there is a shit show we need to sit through for a while.

Just let it happen.

A staggering 88% percent of Senate seats are up for election in November, and we have an unprecedented number of young people actively engaging in the political system. It’s  a tricky time to introduce a law, as we have yet to lock down the official support in the Senate. The current sh!t show in the presidential elections is stealing the thunder and we have no idea what The Senate could look like next year at this time.

What is exciting about this sh!t show is that we are actually getting a detailed understanding of the political process. Rarely has the country ever paid attention to the process leading up to our two party candidate vote. Even some of my most politically engaged friends had little knowledge of the “super delegate system”. You can’t change a broken system without learning how this broken system operates.

Photo from Colombia-Politics.com

Democrats, Bernie Bros and Babes, and all others… just become one with the disaster let it happen. I am paraphrasing here, but Howard K Stern mentions in the “Rule of Nobody” the only way to restructure the legal system is to let it completely implode first.

This is what we are seeing the Democratic party. This is exciting.

This election is not even really about Bernie Sanders, as he has already won in my eyes. It’s about exposing a corrupt system in detail, so the American people can take it back. The Bernie  Sander’s campaign has exposed the inner workings of a system that is rigged against the common man or woman. We as a nation have the knowledge, tools and ability to change it. A whole new generation of public servants are about to emerge as a result of this and are ready to change the game All of this Feeling of the Bern won’t mean much, if we don’t also apply it to the local level.




Two years ago, I began speaking out against a corrupt legal system that tolerated abuse by a public servant/personal injury lawyer  (whom I still have never met) for two years. Two years ago, it was a lonely dark path, as I was advised by many to keep quiet. The emotional turmoil, financial drains, numerous  false statements made about me in both legal documents and major media outlets were something that many expected me to not publicly contest.  This was dark stuff. While, I initially handled myself with humor…behind the scenes I was quite devastated this was happening to me. At some point I couldn’t keep it together anymore.

I had to become one with the disaster. The absurdity. I stopped fighting for a minute and just allowed everything around me to collapse. I let myself go a little crazy. Some people told me that they would have been more concerned about me if I DIDN’T go nuts.  I drank wine in bed for hours crying to my room mate. I posted cryptic messages on my Facebook page. I quit my bands, as I couldn’t sit with myself long enough to learn lyrics. Then I slowly got better. It was the beginning of the end of everything I thought I “knew” up to this point. As I slowly started coming to, I did so with an awareness of how the world works and the rigged systems we incorporate into our daily lives. The political structures that are designed to work against us, the media whose sole job is to uphold those structures, and the music where the  personalities of pop stars are carefully crafted and marketed to us by large corporations.

I woke up with the awareness that so much of what we are consuming is a lie. I woke up with an awareness that I didn’t have to consume a media that messes with our minds, nor did I have to participate in fear of speaking about being trapped in a “broken” system.


While the surrendering of the process was quite debilitating at times, the wake up has been pretty awesome. I write constantly, I’m suddenly in the embryonic stages of a political career and am entering a phase in my singing career that involves a ton of global collaboration. Life is very good.

As Assembly Woman Maritza Davila told me, the face of government is dramatically changing and diversifying, but it has to go through some serious growing pains first. The crash that occurs as a result of having been previously asleep at the wheel  is quite jarring… we are in that slo-mo “life flash before your eyes” nanosecond that occurs before hitting the tree.

Stay Strong Nevada. It will get better.