Sometimes we forget that these multi-platinum people are just that: people. Real live humans with feelings. For those of you who are pissed off that Madonna was asked to honor Prince at The Billboard Music awards and protesting online, please slow your roll for  a moment and keep an open mind.

Dig if you will, a picture…

A dear friend, former lover and collaborator of yours has passed away. You have known this person for over 30 years. Although you have fallen out in the past, your friendship before the passing was rekindled and you visited them at their home halfway across the country from where you live shortly before they died.

You and this friend came up in the same industry, contributed to a global musical culture on such a massive scale, that only a small handful of people on a planet of billions can truly understand the journey or the eternal impact the collective bodies of work will have on the world in decades, perhaps centuries to come.

. You are asked to pay tribute. Now people who never knew your friend and don’t know you,  are protesting your involvement honoring someone you were close to.

Please…leave Madonna alone.

The Billboard music awards have always been about artists who sell an insanely high amount of records. That’s It. They have always been up front about this. They don’t pretend to be about artistic genius or musical superiority. It’s about chart positions, radio spins, records sold and impact on mainstream pop culture as a whole.

Let me sum up my childhood to you: Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna. The End. Like many, my childhood was a bit rocky (There was actually a “virus” at my school called “Collette Germs” that erupted whenever any child would accidentally touch me) these three artists got me through this and helped me pull through. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I know there are a lot of 80’s babies who can relate.

Please let us have this moment. There will be many more tributes to come.

Two of the three of my personal Holy Trifecta of Pop Music are gone and there is only one left. Yes, there were many other artists who made an impact, but these three defined a decade and entire genres of music. All three artists made a mammoth impact on today’s pop music. While Madonna may have inspired some that you initially loved to hate, we can all look back and agree her successors made pretty great tunes.

Prince and Madonna were a part of a very small club of artists who were not afraid to dive into new mediums, they were not afraid to commercially fail every once and a while.. .even if it meant making a flop. (Although my prediction is that they will both stand the test of time as far as producing “cult films” and B-sides). Even if you don’t like Madonna as an artist, she was prolific as fuck, and that should be respected.

There is some upset,  or at least there was on my Facebook page that there is no mention of people in color. Madonna sometimes keeps her cards close to the vest and she has always kept an ear to the  collective consciousness. Hopefully, she is listening to the current dialogue and will surprise us with some guest artists (When has she NOT had them?). Both Prince and Madonna crossed racial boundaries in pop culture, this should  also be respected. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shelia E made her way on that stage… (Instead of protesting AGAINST Madonna, why not protest FOR Sheila E to share the stage?).

Madonna was Prince’s friend. Prince would want you to treat her right. Although, he would probably be enjoying the controversial nature of this. Either way they both know everyone  will be talking about this as it goes down.

Trust me, there are going to be endless tributes to Prince for a while now. Don’t like Madonna’s Tribute? Watch a different one, or produce your own.

I would also like to mention, that both Madonna and Prince were a part of another extremely exclusive club: people who had the cajones to speak out about against cultural atrocities. Prince spoke out about chemtrails and presidents our history books didn’t tell us about, while Madonna spoke out against the censoring and “erasing” of older women out of the mainstream musical culture. It was a disservice not only to the industry  itself, but society at large. Madonna had the balls to call this out an industry that allowed blatant age discrimination of female artists, as the mainstream music industry taught 51% of the population that their value diminished with each passing year.

Both artists created endless bodies of work.

Even if you don’t think Madonna is talented, Madonna is a badass…. Hate on her all you want, but your going to miss her when she too, is gone. Despite your opinion of her, Madonna has always managed to create pop culture moments that are talked about years after the fact.

You might be bitching, but I bet you’ll be watching. As you speculate what Prince would have wanted, I ask you…

Did you know Prince personally?

Did she?

OK. Carry On.

This is why Madonna is perfect for the gig. Maybe she didn’t bear the cold in Minneapolis, but she has a history with him that should be respected.

On my Facebook Page some stated Prince would have “Rather had Beyonce play” or “Would rather see the Time or Lenny Kravitz or Janelle Monet. This might be true. Many argue he would have wanted a woman of color, but I’m pretty sure Prince would never want a performance taken away from another artist based on their lack of color.

Let’s honor his memory the right way and give Madonna a chance.