I just want to say thank you to everybody who read and shared my last post. I actually had some pretty hardcore Madonna haters come around a little bit. I would like to share some of the things they said about Madonna in the past and what they said about Madonna after reading my open letter to those who are protesting her sole involvement (that we know of).

First of all, I LOVE both of these humans. They are really cool people who just happen to not dig Madonna as an artist. You love her or you hate her, but you all have an opinion of her. With all the celebrity deaths, I’m pretty sure she will live into her 100’s and crank hits out the whole time. That being said…

My first friend “T” has said “she is not a true artist”… after reading my letter, she said “well, she is a great performer…”

My second friend “B” has said “A true artist knows when to stop and fade out gracefully”, in response to Madonna making music in her late 50’s. After reading my letter she said “Well, she actually does make sense to do the Tribute”.

I could not believe that these hardcore Madonna detractors were giving Madge a chance!

Madonna is taking this hella seriously, this is personal for her. Wait and watch the show first. If you don’t dig it, talk about it after the fact. Anyone artist who knew him personally and is paying tribute should be treated more respectfully then we are treating Madonna. Come on now, let’s be a little more…. Purple.

I guess after having the internet crown me “bad”, “old” and “ugly”, I get a little protective of anyone who gets shamed on the internet… Billboard will not be the first or last Prince Tribute. Honestly, I don’t think the Tributes are ever going to stop… let’s just enjoy all of them.

Shoutout to Madonna Tribe and all the Madonna accounts on Twitter. This made me so happy.  There is a chapter in my book about the time I threw someone out of my house for saying Madonna was too old to make music. I explained to them that artists should just make their art and keep putting it out as long as they want. His exact words were “she’s too old, no one wants to see her play”. My exact words were “get the f%ck out of my house right now”.  Poor guy didn’t know my ordeal in the past two years. He was my room mate’s boyfriend at the time. He had rented his place out on Air B n B and was going to stay at our place for the weekend. He ended up paying $1000 to stay in a hotel. Me and my former room mate laugh about it to this day… although it was a tense couple of days after that happened. He was pretty determined to make me “see the light” on the expiration date of female singers and I had decided that ageists would not be near me.

I feel I did the right thing.

The chapter is called “Bitch, She’s Madonna”