For those of you who would have rather seen Sheila E. pay tribute to Prince at The Billboard Music Awards, I ask you this…

Want to see Sheila E on the Billboard Music Awards? Buy her Sh*T!!

When was the last time you purchased a Sheila E. recording?

Bought tickets to a Sheila E. concert?

Requested Sheila E. on the radio?

Shared Sheila E. content/music on social media? (Prior to Prince’s passing).

Keep it real…

Crazy thought:

Want to see Sheila E play The Billboard Music Awards? It is your responsibility to put Miss Sheila E. back on the Billboard Music Charts. That is the criteria for playing the annual show.

This is the EPK to the last album Sheila E put out, that I am aware of. It’s called “ICON”. Find it and buy it. All the extended Minneapolis family have recordings and shows you can support. Find them and share them.


For those of you who are up in arms about The Madonna Tribute… She is a human being  genuinely mourning a friend she had over 30 years of history with, also dealing with people actually protesting this. Please consider the following.

  1. Redirecting your energy… instead of negatively focusing on a performance you didn’t like, instead consider SUPPORTING Sheila E. (or whomever you would have rather seen do the tribute) by purchasing their  music, concert tickets or  merch.
  2. DO YOUR OWN PRINCE TRIBUTE. Don’t be afraid to sing off key, color outside the lines or slur your words… this is about celebrating his body of work. We are all in this loss together. Don’t like the artist paying Tribute? Not to worry, there will be another Tribute next week that suits your tastes.
  3. Keeping it Purple…