How to rebrand, reinvent and relaunch your music career after a total stranger and the press inundate you with false accusations of singing off key and being unattractive?

Apparently the answer is start working with the Europeans. The Europeans are a tad bit more informed of our own political and media climate here in The United States then we are. They don’t buy into the hype. While recording my debut solo album, “42”, I discovered a very cool site for professional vocalists called Vocalizr. This site was a life saver for me. Here in the US,  the lawsuit and media defamation led to an astonishing drop in singing work. Some people admitted they were actually fearful to be associated with me as they didn’t want to get sued themselves. One movie I was working on pulled me aside and asked me to please stay quiet about the lawsuit, which of course was a firm no from me as long as I was in litigation, as this unacceptable situation needed to be discussed. I am no longer in that film.

The Europeans of the EDM/Dance world welcomed me with open arms and put me back to work. The first track I did was with Yan Black from Belgium… it was written at the start of Summer… it’s called “Summer Air”. It was my first job on Vocalizr and I am forever indebted to Yan for helping me get back on my feet as a professional singer!


I’m proud to say that out of THOUSANDS of Vocalists on Vocalizr, I am currently in the top 20! I am number 19, so I don’t take that spot for granted… I know I have to work hard to stay there as there is incredible talent joining the site daily, some of them with millions of hits online. I am grateful from the various producers from all over the world I have met on there who have taken a chance on me. Also coming out on a new album called “Utopia” by Mood5wing2 (UK) is a song I am very proud of called “Only Got Time for Love”. I’m insanely proud of this song and love the message behind it:


Mood5wing2 has vocalists from all over the globe on this one…I’ll be posting more info about this single when it is officially released. There will also be different remixes of this song.

Last but certainly not least, is a Happy Hardcore track I did with Doug Horizon, also from the UK. “Holding All the Memories”, which was picked up by Total Hardcore UK.

I wasn’t familiar with the genre when I was hired to do this track.. so I took a few days to research it first… now I’m hooked!  It is my first signed track since 2012.

Thank you so much to Vocalizr for providing this forum for singers like myself to connect with these opportunities!! It might take a minute for me to finish “42” as the tail end of my recording budget went to legal fees, but I’m glad I can work with these talented producers in the meantime.

Never stop believing. Never stop fighting for what is right and fair. Never stop dreaming and singing!