It only took two years, but the trauma of the lawsuit and defamation courtesy of a man I have never met is starting to feel like a distant memory. I’ve got an album in the works and my music career is on the comeback. I’ve learned from this experience that I have amazing friends, people who stood by me even when I lost my shit form the stress.  On July 19th at 9:30 AM at The Supreme Court of Riverhead, I will be in the same room with the man who sued me for $10,000,000 for the first (and hopefully only) time in my life.

Yep. This is happening.

What do you even say to someone in this circumstance? “Nice to Meet You”? There is no polite way to say this, so I won’t even try. I am coming face to face with my abuser. To anyone who can be there for me, like physically be there in Riverhead at 9:30 AM (yes I know that is a lot to ask). I would welcome your support.

I have been advised that my decision to speak about this case on social media will come under scrutiny, which I welcome. To anyone who is being unfairly dragged into the legal system, I hope I can inspire you to also shout out the injustices from the rooftops until those injustices are corrected. I think more targets of lawsuit abuse should publicly document their cases, as that would hopefully curb more would be abusers of the system. We can’t change the legal system until we are willing to talk about it openly. I no longer start and end my day thinking about this situation, like I once did for a couple of years. I actually have days where I no longer think about it at all, because there are new things on the horizon. I am surrounded by amazing people and for that I am grateful. I feel that “Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer” the blog might come to an end, a standstill or may just be archived with the occasional update. I have been wanting to start a blog called “Collette Sings the 80’s” and might want to shift my focus there instead. Maybe I will update the progress on “Collette’s Law” here and there, but C.O.B.U.S. has served it’s purpose. I am healed and happy.