When I was first dragged into the legal system by a complete stranger I was in a state of shock. The media defamation I endured in an attempt to protect myself from a stranger who was harming me thrust me even deeper into that state.

Until it didn’t. My brain was protecting myself from the trauma, only to have it unleash months later. At one point I started breaking down crying in public places, so I stopped going out for a while. Then the breakdowns started getting further apart. First a few days.. then a few weeks. Then life would feel normal again, and one would come out of the blue.

I came across a Facebook memory of the day I had my last public meltdown. It was a year ago. While I still occasionally cry in the privacy of my own home (I am human after all), I believe it was the kindness of this business owner that put a stop to my public breakdowns.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.10.58 AM

So if your in Bushwick, please dine at Las Lunita’s! I can’t promise you that Edgar will buy you cake and wine (unless your crying), but I can promise you that you are putting your money into a business that is owned by a kind man who treats people well. Plus, the food is delish!