Dear Jill,

Congrats on your recent surge in the polls. I was intrigued by your use of the words “political medicine” and the various branches of the political machine that are literally sick and dying at the hands of profiteering. In addition to the food industry, healthcare and debt industry… I hope you will eventually cover an underreported sector of our “sick” government body that is in desperate need of this political medicine you speak of.

Jill Stein

Jill, I am talking about The Civil Justice System, which took me hostage at the hands of an abusive lawyer that I have never met. I was sued by a complete stranger for $10,000,000 for singing one night in a P!NK Tribute Band for $75. In my opinion, this stranger had no case and he knew it. He did however have a law degree and a sophisticated understanding of the legal system. He had bad blood with the man who hired me for the job and decided to drag me into a case I had no business being a part of. I quit the band and signed a memorandum of law stating I was out of the project. He then denied me an extension to submit for a summary judgement, threatened me with a second lawsuit for defamation of character (because his former friend dissed him on Facebook), and told my lawyer it was because of the man who hired me that I found myself in the “unenviable position of being in his crosshairs).

I forgot to mention, the lawyer also stated in legal documents that I was a “lousy singer”, he “hated my singing” when seeing me on Youtube and further stated in legal documents that I was “too unattractive” for my job. This was after tracking down my address and sending letters to my house that threatened jail time and tax liens for singing in this band. While he paid a filing fee, I had to actually shell out thousands of dollars to be insulted by a complete stranger. At this point I felt completely cornered and raped by the legal system. I went to the press. Yes, the same press that has been ignoring you for years. Instead of focusing on the serious political nature of this case, one that affects every American citizen and is a threat to our daily lives, I was treated to the following headline:

Singer Sued for Being Too Old and Too Ugly for P!NK Cover Band

This went viral worldwide. Yahoo, Time even legal publications such as Yes, instead of examining a very serious political and humanitarian issue, ¬†the media and blogosphere decided to debate over wether I was hot enough to sing in a P!NK cover band, because ‘Murica.

It’s hard to say who I am more furious at: the lawyer who put me in this situation who refuses to take full responsibility or the legal system who allowed this atrocity to drag on for over 2 years before properly dismissing it.

I will meet this man for the first time in my entire life on July 19th, 2016 at The Supreme Court of Riverhead. Yes, a man who I have never met before in my life is capable of doing this to me. This is after two years of abuse within the system that is supposed to serve and protect us. Please let me share a picture of my case file for you:

Picture of what it took me to find justice when a complete stranger sued me for singing in a P!NK Tribute Band one night for $75.


What a waste of tax payer dollars. If Bernie concedes, you have my vote. As far as having this issue addressed properly, I feel as if you are my only hope.

Thank you for teaching me about political medicine. Thank you for standing up to the machine. Thank you for calling bankers “friggen’ bankers” on C-SPAN. When I have my day in court this Tuesday, I will be channeling my inner Jill Stein as I stand up to an establishment that does not appear to have the best interests of the American people.


Collette McLafferty