Nice. Turkey. #blacklivesmatter. There are issues in the world more pressing then mine, but amongst them is a common theme. People on the planet hurting other people.

On purpose.

Because they want to.


The events of the past couple of weeks have been so traumatizing and intense that my day of justice has snuck up on me. But because my situation is a child of sorts to these bigger issues, I will talk about it.



To any litigious lurkers seeking wood for the fire  make no mistake, I write for you specifically.

I will be speaking my mind and I will be speaking it hard.

I will be speaking truth.

I will be Samuel Jackson snakes-on-a-motherfucking plane fearless.

There is no such thing as being thrown to the fire when truth is spoken.

If snakes were lawsuits and planes were meritless actions…

Well then I’m tired of these motherfucking snakes on these motherfucking planes.

Ya dig?