Much thanks to Corri Pasko for taking this monstrosity  of an atrocity and injecting it with a dose of much needed humor. I’m not asking for much… outside of reforming the legal system (which needed to happen long before I got sucked into it!).

The tricky thing about this is I am fighting two battles: the legal system and the media. They are both systems that can potentially harm innocent people in the name of profiteering, so I guess both sides of the coin are somewhat the same side.

I never asked for all that much in this situation: just an end result that says “You didn’t deserve this, sorry, your life and well being matters”. That is all. I laughed so hard I cried when I saw this video. There was a time two years ago when I was in the thick of it all that I never thought I would laugh again.

Apart from being educational, this video highlights just how STUPID the lawsuit against me is/was and what a joke the legal system can be at times. I’m sure there are times when the legal system  is not a joke… I would hope most of the time. I hope the legal system will correct itself on Tuesday July 19th.  Hopefully I will experience the better intentioned side of the system when this case is resolved, the side that serves and protects innocent people.   But P!NKTRibtuegate my friends, was a joke. A bad B-movie comedy if you will.