Hey guys, I just wanted to share some of the transcripts from my day in court. It’s pretty crazy to read them, as it was the first time I had ever met the guy who sued me.  My settlement check just reached my lawyer! (Thanks Chuck, for being timely with that, I really appreciate it). I have to move, so it could not come at a better time. Wrapping up this chapter of my life feels good. Two years later, I still can not believe this happened.


Supreme Court of Riverhead spelled my name wrong in the beginning (Facepalm).


THE COURT: Morning, Ms. McCafferty. As you testify at this hearing I’ll ask you to keep two things the mind. First is, we have a microphone so please try to speak to the back row of seats in the courtroom so everybody will be able to hear you.

Second, this gentlemen sitting next to you is our court reporter. It is his job to take every word that’s said during the hearing. Accordingly, to make his job easier, as the attorney asks you questions, please make sure

you let him finish the question before you start to respond. Because if you anticipate the question and jump in in the middle and answer it, it makes his job difficult.

You may inquire, Mr. Dyki.


Q. Morning, Ms. McCafferty. I’ll ask you a few quest?ons about this matter —

A. Yes.

Q. — okay. Let me finish my question before you begin your answer.

A. Got it.

Q. Prior to today, have you ever met Charles Bonfante, in person?

A. I have never met Charles Bonfante in person; this is first time.

Q. Prior to coming here today, have you ever spoken with Mr. Bonfante, directly, over the telephone?

A. I have never spoken directly to Charles Bonfante….

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