One of the most challenging things about P!NK Tributegate was the fact that I had not one, but two epic battles going on at the same time. Getting sued for $10,000,000 is epic. Finding yourself in a viral three day tabloid story is epic. Having both happen at the same time… I still don’t have words for how all of this felt.

It’s been a challenge articulating the totality of this. “Whittle it down to a few sentances”, one music publicist told me. I realized I had to bring one issue to justice at a time. So I focused on just surviving the lawsuit itself. There was no way to boil all of this down to a soundbite.

This isn’t a soundbite, it’s a national conversation that needs to be had.

It’ time to talk about the way the media initially reported on this case. There are still people to this day who think that the lawsuit centered around my looks despite the fact that I have made it clear it had absolutely nothing to do with me.

To those who are telling me it is time to move on: this conversation goes way beyond me. We have grown up in a society that has gone to painstaking measures to keep women in a perpetual state of fear that they don’t measure up. We are told that in our natural state, we need to be fixed…nipped, tucked and plucked. These messages are subliminally (and blatantly) beaten into our heads thousands of times a day. It’s a real mind fuck, folks…and it’s our “default” mode. We be brainwashed, y’all.

I got a backstage pass and a front row seat to this machine. Not exposing it to the fullest would be irresponsible.