I am getting many emails asking that I insist that Charles Bonfante apologizes. Hell No. I want him to apologize because he wants to… not because he is mandated to. Our legal system is a big scam and if he apologizes officially it will just highlight what we have known all along… our legal system is sometimes (not always) a shit show and a disgrace. We can’t dance around it anymore. What lawyer in their right mind would craft a statement that would just highlight that truth? It’s a real “the emperor has no clothes” moment. There are tons of powerful people in the legal system who profit off of a clogged system that tolerates frivolous lawsuits. The day frivolous lawsuits go, a lot of money leaves the legal industry. Never forget, the justice system is a business first with a steep bottom line. If innocent people get their lives completely turned upside down, so be it. That is unfortunately the attitude (although a lot of legal professionals want to see it change).

Plus if that requires me to send him letters, I would have to pay a few hundred dollars in legal services for that. Let’s see… if I have a few hundred dollars to my name to spare.. do I want to write him a letter demanding the apology when he knows he can drag it out by answering in a specific way, thus costing me more money? .. Here is what I would rather spend that money on…

  1. A slammin’ weave… this is the best weave I have ever had.


I’d like to go to the Wheelhouse… my favorite grilled cheese spot… every day for the month of September. Yes, I would rather have lunch there everyday for a month.. then spend that money on sending letters to Charles Bonfante…

I would like to take a few hundred dollars in crisp one dollar bills.. I would then like to put them in a plastic bag and toss them into the river…. with the intention that someone else could pick it up so it doesn’t damage the environment, but that I can still make my point.

Yes, I would rather do that then send letters to Charles Bonfante…


I’d rather donate it to save some kittens… Like Brooklyn and Walter, who I adopted when they were 10.


Charles knows the invitation to apologize is open ended and it is absolutely the right thing to do. There are some other people that should be apologizing as well. Now I’m not holding my breath… I’m just saying y’all are some prime candidates.

  1. The Supreme Court of Riverhead. Obvi….
  2. The editor from the New York Post, who chose to put the words “old and ugly gal” underneath a photo of me and my full name.
  3. Any media outlet that was contacted by me and informed that their reporting was false, yet chose to keep their false reporting intact.
  4. Findlaw.com for failing to tell the public what the lawsuit was really about.
  5. To Daniel Taylor Esquire.. well maybe not. I have a book and a blog because of him.. he gets a pass…
  6. All the magazines, TV, newspapers, blogs etc who collaborated in board rooms to market me to America as “old and ugly”.
  7. The P!NK Team: who has made millions of dollars selling a mission statement of standing up for the underdog, standing up for women, staying politically active and aware. My situation highlights everything they say they stand for. It’s like watching a woman get dragged down the road kicking and screaming and doing nothing. You all watched me get abused and you did nothing. Wow. There I said it. I will never say it again. A lot of people tell me not to address this, but I need to at least once.

So yeah, of course Chuck should apologize to me, but he’s one of like a few hundred people  who should also be apologizing… like I said the door is always open. Not holding my breath though.